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39. All Nations Cup Flaggenparade


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27.05.2024 Timetable /Zeitpläne
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Riding Competitions 2024

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Important information to all participants at the German Nationals and the 40.All Nations Cup

New rule concerning Hereditary Disorders – information from ECAHO

All Owners / Trainers - please note !
A new rule concerning hereditary disorders (over-/ underbite and cryptorchidism) came into force on 1 August 2023.

Please read the Blue Book (Rules for Conduct of Shows, Art. 32 a) and b) carefully and follow the instructions of the show organizers.

To declare that the horse does not have any hereditary disorder described in Rules for Conduct of Shows Art. 32 a) and b) you can use the form which is available also in the DOWNLOADS section Forms & Reports on www.ecaho.org and on the ANC Website www.all-nations-cup.org

Be advised to send a scanned copy of the declaration attached to an email to the organizer’s show office speier@vzap.org and to present the original declaration at the show ground together with the passports when your horses are inspected by the DC.

The Show Organizing Committee German National Championships 40.All Nations Cup - Aachen 2024

Download: Hereditary Disorders declaration Hereditary disorders manual


until the show starts at 27th of September 2024

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